Training Your Dogs at the Comfort of Your Own Home

Let a qualified pet trainer from Brian Tuel's Dog Training At Your Door help you get rid of your dog's annoying habits. We offer personalized, on-site dog and puppy training services in Crystal River, Florida, and other surrounding areas. Since 1987, our company has trained more than 6,000 pets.

Program Details

In most cases, it takes less than 48 hours to see a noticeable difference in the behavior of the pets we train. We have refined our programs to 1 - 6 visits for behavior issues. Kindly read the information below to learn more about our training packages.

Dog Being Trained

Training Visit ($95):
On-Leash Walking, Stay, Sit, Down Training or No Jumping or Potty Training | Includes One Visit with Unlimited Consultation.- Purchase

Basic Adult or Puppy Package ($249):
On-Leash Walking, Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Stand, No Jumping, and Potty Training | Includes Three Visits and Unlimited Consultation - Purchase

Stop Barking ($188):
"Shush!" Training Using a Dogtra No Bark Collar included | Includes One Visit - Purchase

Stop Jumping ($274):
Includes One Visit with s SportDog Trainer included - Purchase

Come When Called Package ($428):
Off Leash Companion Dog Training includes Heel Off Leash Outside, Slow, Stay Off Leash Outside, and Come Off Leash Outside. Includes Three Visits using a Sport Dog electronic trainer which is included in the purchase price. Our most popular and comprehensive package ever. - Purchase

Stop Aggressiveness ($559):
 Be Nice and Leave It Training | Extensive Off-Leash Companion Training | Includes Four Visits with a SportDog Trainer - Purchase

Wireless or In-Ground Containment Training ($166):
Includes Two Additional Visits with the Fence Installation Package - Purchase

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Therapy ($498):
Advanced Dog Program | Prepares Dog for the 10-Step Test | Includes Six Visits - Purchase

Additional Collars for the Sport Dog Trainer ($129 Small and Medium Dogs) ($139 Large or Stubborn Dogs) - Purchase

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